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Unblock your People Analytics journey

What is seeHR?
seeHR is the smart alternative. seeHR is a managed service combining best-of-breed analytics technology and highly skilled data analytics experts to get you up and running quickly and at a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself. 

Who is it for?
Setting up an internal People Analytics team is a long and expensive process. Not everyone has the time and budget to afford: an analytics platform that integrates multiple data sources, headcount/budget to hire Data Analytics team members, and expertise in creating simple-to-understand and act-upon visualisations.

seeHR is perfect for Talent teams who:

Don't have anyone dedicated to Analytics

Have a People Analytics team (or person) but need a turbo boost on budget

The benefits

Fast setup
Leave the heavy lifting to us. It takes only a few weeks to integrate and implement seeHR-managed analytics.

Expert guidance
See the complete picture - clearly. With all your enterprise data sources aggregated into one platform, our data analysts and dashboard designers work with you to create beautiful dynamic dashboards.

Measure time to value in weeks, not years
Uncover the hidden story and leverage data to confidently answer business questions, shape strategy and mitigate risks. seeHR delivers the insights you need to answer your organisation's most important people and hiring questions.

Share the heavy lifting

If you think seeHR could help accelerate your people analytics journey or identify and tackle your biggest Talent challenges, we can help you get up and running—fast, at a fraction of the cost.

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